Benefited from the third quarter revenue or innovation record of A10 chip TSMC

2018-03-02 11:34:21 cdw 12

   LED lamp manufacturer notice, foreign media reported the chip maker TSMC released second-quarter results on Monday, the second fiscal revenue of $6.89 billion, but the market is expected the third quarter of TSMC's performance will be because of the growth of chip shipments A10 and hit a new high.

TSMC in the second quarter revenue rose 9% from the previous quarter, grew by 8% from a year earlier, the market is expected the third quarter of TSMC A10 revenue will be because of the chip of higher orders and reached a record $7.14 billion to $7.14 billion.

   Industry insiders believe that apple intends to increase its dependence on TSMC and its 16 nanometer FinFET process, and that most or all of the A10 chip orders will be delivered to TSMC. Samsung used to be the exclusive supplier of apple A series chips, but in recent years its orders have been declining because apple wants to reduce its dependence on samsung. For example, the order for the iPhone 6s's A9 chip is Shared by TSMC and samsung.