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Guangzhou longshine Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.once again was certified by the SGS organization,focus on Eye protection led desk lamp table lamp floor lamp night light sad therapy lamps etc.

our company once again ushered in the factory on-site audit by the SGS organization, and was certified on November 22 and obtained the authoritative certification report. SGS is the world's leading third-party certification audit agency and a trusted partner of many international retailers and brand owners.

Tech Life: How You Can Set The Perfect Mood In Your Home With Smart Lighting Smart Lamp

Back in 1977, every time Debby Boone sang You Light Up My Life, do you think she thought this was something her not-yet-invented smartphone would someday be able to do for her? You’ve heard about “Internet of Things” and “smart” home appliances, but if you’re not tech savvy, this can be a confusing

Desk Reading Lamps for your home office this spring/summer

AESTHETICALLY, iconic reading led light desk lamps continue to rise like small brilliant suns from the period covering the mid-1950s to the 1970s, with the odd quirky nudge into the fashionable oddities of the 1980s. 插入图片X2图片With eyeballing paperwork having given way to back-lit screens, the actual,