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About Our LED Floor Lamp

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This slim, flexible floor lamp has a modern design and sleek finish. It has two independently adjustable shades allowing high light output over a very wide are or an intense light over a small area. Ideally suited for art, craftwork, health & beauty as well as reading. Light source: LED Lux output at 12": 2, 090 Lux Light colour temperature: 6, 000°K Energy consumption: 10W Product colour: White Product dimensions: 52" x 20. 92 x 8. 3" Maximum Reach: 22. 4" Product Weight: 7. 8Ib Cable length: 68. 9"


Let's take a look at what people who have used it say:

I am an artist on the side and have one small space in my bedroom where I work at night after the kids are asleep. I had a daylight floor lamp that I’ve used for years even though it took up too much space, and it finally broke. I set out to amazon to find the perfect replacement, and this is it. I am concerned that the bulbs cannot be replaced so it’s basicaly a disposable lamp; but I’m hoping mine lasts. The size is perfect as well as the fact that it clamps onto my drafting table. The light is perfect and is so easy to adjust. It’s wider so that I can work on 2 pieces in the dark without moving the light. I love how is a touch lamp, so you just tap the ends of each bulb to turn them in, and each one has 4 brightness settings. My old lamp was so bright for my eyes and if I put it behind me, I created a shadow. The bulbs on this lamp are so slim that I can put them in front of me turned down so that I don’t see the light from the bulbs at all- only on my work. This is my favorite lamp I’ve found in my 20+ years of doing charcoal Portraits. Every artist needs this lamp whether you are working on a table or an easel.


About this item

Double head increasing your illuminated work surface

Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it

56 high quality bright leds provide accurate color matching

Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels

Lux output at 12": 2, 090 Lux

Light color temperature: 6, 000°K