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Reading intelligent Desk Lamp

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Our Reading Desk Lamp’s exclusive curved shape lights up your entire desk, with lighting coverage 150% wider than the average desk lamp! Not only can you adjust the brightness and color temperature yourself, but you can also let e-Reading Desk Lamp choose for you with its built-in ambient light sensor, which detects the light around you to provide you with the best lighting for reading—whether its on the screen or on the page.

One-touch wide lighting

A single, light touch on the e-Reading Desk Lamp metal ring is all it takes to turn on the light!

You can instantly experience the wide and intelligent lighting coverage from our unique Smile Curve head.

E-Reading Desk Lamp can light up your desk as wide as 90 cm, which is 150% wider then average desk lamp.

You no longer need to suffer from insufficient light while reading or working!


t’s not only stylish, it’s smart too!

With the built-in ambient light sensor, you can easily switch between screen mode and paper mode.

By activating the smart modes, e-Reading Desk Lamp will automatically detect the light around you and provide you with the best lighting for your activities!

Screen Mode

In order to avoid high lighting contrast between the brightness of the lamp and the screen, the lamp stays at an illumination level of 500lux at a color temperature of 4000k. The unique 'brighter at the sides, darker at the middle’ optical design can reduce screen glare to protect your eyes.


Paper Mode

In Paper Mode, e-Reading Desk Lamp provides 1000lux of illumination directly below—with no glare—at a color temperature of 5700k. This combination is designed to keep your attention whether you're working with documents or reading books!

Customize your own brightness and color temperature


Turn the knob to customize your favorite lighting!

You can easily adjust the brightness or color temperature by pressing e-Reading Desk Lamp’s knob.

The cool white light helps to improve your concentration; the warm yellow light reduces the effects of light on melatonin and accompanies you during your leisure time without disturbing your biological clock.


Light up every corner at home

Whether you’re doing make-up at your desk, reading by the bed, or working on your computer,

e-Reading Desk Lamp makes it easy to light up every corner of your home and meet all your lighting needs!