Best desk lamps for students
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Best desk lamps for students

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If you're a student, you'll want the best desk lamps to make your studies a breeze. It's essential that the lamp provides a comfortable level of light to work in, while being adjustable enough to suit different homework projects.

If you’re shopping on a budget, then we recommend the Lepower Metal Desk Lamp. It features both a classic and professional design, including a flexible neck to find the best angle. It doesn’t come with built-in LEDs like the BenQ LED Desk Lamp though, so bear in mind you will need to find a bulb for it.

The best desk lamps you can buy today

1. Reading Desk Lamp

The Longshine Reading LED Desk Lamp is the best lamp because of the level of customization it offers. You can adjust how cool or warm you want the tone, depending on if you’re trying to concentrate at work or reading a book. It also adjusts itself thanks to built-in smart technology which detects the level of ambient light in the room.

The wide LED head also means this lamp offers great coverage, so you can see everything across the desk. It’s highly flexible too, with a ball-joint connecting the head to the stand and two other points which can be adjusted in the stand. If you’ve got a toned office, it’s available in a range of colors to suit. Our only qualm is that the wide head could be obstructive on a small desk.


2. Metal Desk Lamp

If you’re looking for an affordable desk lamp that looks sleeker than its $25 price lets on, look no further than the Lepower Metal Desk Lamp. Its matte appearance strikes a tone between traditional and modern, meaning it will suit a variety of settings. Plus, its flexible neck covers nearly every lighting angle you could need.

This lamp doesn’t come with a built-in LED, so you’ll need to supply your own bulb. This gives you the flexibility to get a bulb with a temperature to your liking, or even a smart light bulb with color and scheduling options. You can also use any spare lightbulb you have around your house, so long as it's an LED bulb rated between 4W and 6W, an energy saving bulb between 8W and 16W, or an incandescent bulb between 20W and 40W.

3. Lightcycle Morph Light

Lightcycle Morph Desk Light makes the list because of its innovative design and the tech it brings to the table, literally! When connected to your smart device, this lamp automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the time of the day and can also be customized in terms of temperature and brightness using the controls under the lamp head. It features 3-point revolve motion, which gives it great flexibility, and the head can even be docked into the stem for storage or to create a reduced ambient light.

Using the App via Bluetooth, you can choose from pre-set programs including Study, Relax and Precision or even create your own using the temperature and brightness settings. The lamp contains a motion sensor as well, which if enabled will switch it back on as you sit at the desk.