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Happy holidays!

A sentiment that we have probably heard numerous times over the last couple of weeks but bears a heavier weight in its words this year as we ordinary wish for a truly happier future .

What a year 2021 was. And naturally, is a time of reflection and assessment of what has passed and what we are bringing into the new year. With that in mindthis new issue brings with it lots of new decorative desk lamp content, products and opinions to inspire.

Whether you have spent this time we have had at home day-dreaming about revamping yout interiors to create your own at-home oasis,buy a desk lamps,decorative or you are making plans for designing for the masses when life returns to a somewhat normal state, we bring you pages of inspiration for stairway lighting uv led lamp solutions and dining with light projects and products.

From our Stairway Lighting feature, we have selected the emergency desk lamp with the varying sized.

We wish you all a happy and healthy start to the year and are keeping our fingers crossed that it won't be too long before we are all able to gather together again and celebrate the end of what has been a tough few months.

For now, wish there is a touch sensing desk lamp light at the end of the tunnel!