Client: Smart Night Lights Are My New Favorite Home Gadget
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Client: Smart Night Lights Are My New Favorite Home Gadget

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One of our clients share us the feedback for our smart night lights:

The things that excite us as we get older never cease to surprise me anymore. My latest gadget, the Longshine lighting night light, might just be my favorite home addition of 2022 so far. I already own the popular Longshine bedside lights from that help you wake and go to sleep, so when the brand launched this smart night lights, naturally I was a little too excited.


If you're wondering why smart lights bring me so much joy, it's because my apartment has harsh white lights that make me squint the second I turn them on. I find that smart light for reading are not only easier on my eyes, but they're also even more relaxing. I'm someone who wakes up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or to use the restroom, and turning on my light is something I try to avoid — but in most cases can't. That's why this lamp smart light is so handy.


The design of led lamps smart light just plugs right into the wall, and throughout the day, the smart light charger lamp don't turn on. At night, led smart night lamp sense both darkness and you. The led lamp night light motion-sensor technology only turns on when it senses you come within a certain distance. I have to say my nightly bathroom visits are much easier now that I don't even have to think about it because the technology does the work for me. Lastly, I love that decorative night lamps look sleek and stylish, and in the daytime, I forget they're even there.


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