Let's take a look at the evaluation about our desk lamp
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Let's take a look at the evaluation about our desk lamp

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I just moved to a new apartment and the building is "eco"-something, so there are not many lights in the apartment. Worst of all is, there is no light in the bedroom. I bought this as a desk lamp, but it is so good, I use it as the bedroom lamp. Since it was supposed to be a desk lamp, I didn't really read reviews or read the features.

So, it was a nice surprise to see it has three different light modes (natural, white, and warm). It also has like 5 different choices from very dim to very bright. It also has a timer of 40 minutes. Don't think I'll ever use that, but also nice. Definitely recommend this lamp for a desk, and I definitely recommend it for a room as well. Very happy with it.


I saw a bunch of Korean accounts on Instagram using lamps like this on their sleek white desks, so I really wanted one for myself. They looked like provided more than enough light for late night studying. I'm glad to announce that it is true. It comes with multiple light settings so you can change it to your preference and is touch activated. My only qualm is that the touch pad makes a mildly annoying beeping sound each time it sense your finger on a setting. But overall very good.


About this item

Modern table or desk lamp for home or office; includes built-in USB charging port

Non-glaring, soft illumination that's easy on your eyes; 40 energy-efficient LED lights

Toggle between 3 color modes: natural light, white light, and yellow light

Lightweight and portable design; easy to move to different areas of the house or office

5 levels of brightness via sensor touch, 40 minute timer, and sensor touch on/off switch


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