What is Wireless Desk Light wireless charging desk lamp Touch Desk Lamp Metal Smart Lamp?
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What is Wireless Desk Light wireless charging desk lamp Touch Desk Lamp Metal Smart Lamp?

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With the development and application of wireless technology, there are also many wireless power electronic products on the market. Our main products, desk lamp (table lamp) is also developed to be with this function,become wireless table led lamp.

Desk lamp light wireless with intelligent technology and simple fashion, brings more innovative elements and wireless charge extreme cares experience to lighting.

Recently New Wireless Table Lamp, we released a new wireless charging working study lamp model, H12W lamp of reading, to satisfied middle and high-end customers needs.

Minimalism and Good Quality wireless led lamp, A Best Choice for You

Led wireless lamp classic black design and flowing line combine desk lamp metal minimalism and style perfectly, which makes the wireless table lamps stylish and graceful and perfects the quality.

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Intelligent Table Lamp Wireless Charging

Thanks to smart technology, mobile phone wireless charging led desk light can support fast wireless charging 15W, compatible with 10W, for device which metal table lamp have wireless charging function. Just put your mobile phone on the table metal lamp base, it will start charging wirelessly and automatically.

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Longshines bedside lamp wireless charging table lamp metal desk lamp can support various brands, such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc.

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Desk Lamp Wireless with Built-in USB interface

Metal lamp bases Built-in USB interface, wireless table lamp can charge most mobile phones and iPad wirelessly.

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Metal Light Lamp Smart Touch Design

Wireless lamp light will be on immediately by pressing the highly sensitive touch-keys, making touch light metal lighting more convenient and stylish.

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Multi-Scene Color Temperature Control Table Metal Light

Smart wireless lamp are 30 modes. Five color temperatures of wireless home light adjust from warm white(warm yellow), natural white to white. A sliding touch metal table lamps light bar is to adjust the wireless desk light’s brightness steplessly. Wireless light lamp meets different lighting demands and nordic wireless lamp provides the most suitable lights in desk or beside the bed, effectively protect and relax your eyes.

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LED Lamp Metal Arm Light Source with High Brightness

Good-quality and highly bright SMD lamp beams, are applied in wireless 2022 lamp to save energy and expand service lifetime.By special optical process, the metal touch light illuminance is uniform. And the wireless bedside lamp is bright and gentle yet not dazzling.

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Eye Caring LED Lamp - No Flashing

Desk lamp aluminum advanced soft light technology and stable light source without glare and flickering make the wireless reading lamp gentle and comfortable, easing the burden on eyes.

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Metal Night Lamp Safe Voltage Input

The wireless work lamp is DC 12V input, a safe metal bedside lamp electric design for users. We can equip the adapter for wireless bedside lamp night lamp, so clients dont need to take time to search the bedside lamp metal suitable adapter. The adapter of bedside wireless lamp is ultra-wide voltage input, AC 100V-240V ultra-wide voltage input to be suitable for many countries to avoid dangers caused by lampe metal unmatched voltage.

Wireless Charging Lamp Foldable and Convenient for Storage and Transport

Multi-spindle and big angle make storage of wireless led desk lamp could be more convenient and save more spaces. And wireless table lamp led small packing size save the transport fee.

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Our other wireless charging desk lamp/ wireless desk lamp LED/ wireless charge light/ wireless led table lamp.


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