What to Consider When Choosing the Best LED Desk Lamp
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What to Consider When Choosing the Best LED Desk Lamp

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When shopping for an usb led desk lamp, there are a wide selection of types, sizes, styles, and lighting options to consider, and taking time to prioritize what is most important should help simplify the search. Below are some of the most important features to consider in a quality led desk lamp with battery.

In the last article we have told you that how to choose a led desk lamp usb charging in Type/Size/Power Source.Today we continue our discussion on how to choose you best led desk light in Brightness and Color temperature/Dimmable and Fixed Lighting/Additional Features.

Brightness and Color Temperature

Finding a led light lamp that is bright enough for your needs is important. Brightness is measured in lumens. The greater the number of lumens, the brighter the light. While reading  or writing tasks usually require about 450 lumens, up to 1,100 lumens may be needed for more intricate tasks such as needlework, making model trains or cars, and painting. Some decorative bedside reading light allow users to adjust the brightness setting, which can increase the functionality of the lamp.

In addition to paying attention to the brightness of each lamp light, also consider the color temperature. Measured in a Kelvin scale, color temperature describes the coolness or warmth of the light. Cooler light can stimulate the brain and is often ideal for providing optimal task lighting to reduce eyestrain. Warmer light is soothing and can be a better option for use in the evening. Choosing a warmer color in the evening also results in less blue light exposure since too much blue light before bed can have a negative impact on sleep.


Dimmable and Fixed Lighting

Some LED desk lamps offer dimmable brightness settings or a fixed brightness level. There are pros and cons to consider for each option.

Fixed lighting requires no adjustment, and there’s no need to worry about changing the level for different tasks. However, with fixed lighting, there may be times when a desk lamp seems either too bright or too dim for a task.

Dimmable or adjustable desk lamps offer a choice from a few different brightness options. This allows customizing the lighting to the ideal level whether working on a computer , reading a book, studying, or completing another task. Dimmable desk lamps often offer at least three, if not more, brightness levels. A downside of dimmable lamps is that it can lead to frequently adjusting the setting, which could become tedious.


Additional Features

There are more features included with some LED desk lamps. Charging stations, USB ports, smart technology, and touchpad controls may be included in some options.

Charging stations: Some desk lamps offer wireless charging stations where users can place their smartphones to recharge them.


USB ports: USB ports are included in the design of some desk lamps. Smartphones, tablets, or other devices can plug into the lamps and be charged by them.

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Smart technology: Some desk lamps offer connectivity with smart home personal assistants. This can allow users to control the lamps using their voice.

Touch controls: Rather than pulling down on a cord, flipping a switch, or turning a knob, some desk lamps feature touchpad controls. Simply tap the base of the lamp to turn it on or adjust the brightness or the color setting.