What is night light?
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What is night light?

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A led night light is no longer just a simple plug-in used to soothe a child’s fear of the dark. Decorative night lights are small, low-power electric or battery-operated emergency night light that illuminate dark areas of your home. Some add to the decor and work as clocks or sound machines, as well.


There are many reasons to consider different multifunction bedside night lighting before you buy one. Too much light or the wrong kind of light can negatively affect your sleep. Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of choosing the best night light for your needs.

Types of Night Light

You may think of a display night light as little more than a low-wattage, plug-in bulb in a plastic casing, but there are many different types available today. The best simple led night light fall into the three basic categories explained below.

1. Plug-In Fixtures

Wall plug in decorative night lights are what most people think of when they hear the term “night plug light”. They’re usually powered by a 120-volt electrical outlet and typically feature a flat or low-profile design, so emergency lamp plug night light do not protrude far from the wall.

Multi function wall plug in decorative night light come in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. They produce soft light that emanates around the outlet and sometimes a few feet beyond. They are typically the least expensive type of led plug lamps.

And now, Longshine had developed PIR motion night light with battery or plug-in.

2. Projectables Led Night Light

A children night lamps projectors displays images on a room’s walls or ceilings. Projectorstarry night light are usually placed in bedrooms to create soothing and calming visual environments to help people relax and lull them to sleep.

Projectors, like ocean waves night light projector, are typically dome-shaped. You would usually place one on a nightstand or desk to project the patterned lights overhead. Some projector night lights also play music at timed intervals.


3. Desktop Night Light

Tabletop night lights rest on flat surfaces, typically near a bed. They may look like standalone lights or tabletop lamps but often have added functions, including clocks, music players, and white noise functions.

Multifunctional night light run the gamut of style and options. They can be battery operated or powered by 120-volt electrical outlets. You can control some with smartphone applications.

For example, our bluetooth night light speaker and amplifier night light.